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I am curently working on a new novel on the life of Richard Lee and Anne Constable. I hope you all will be as excited as I am!

"Richard and Anne"
by Jacqueli Finley


The TRUE and DOCUMENTED Parentage of Col Richard Lee, The Immigrant

Richardus Lee and Elizabeth Bendy were Col Richard Lee of Virginia's Parents 
Per Parish Records

Col Richard Lee


 DNA Confirmed

Jacqueli Finley Lee Lines 
I have had my DNA tested thoroughly from several labs, private and public, 
with consistent results. Here are my GEDMatch DNA assigned numbers which have my GEDCOM pedigree attached:
Jacqueli Finley
Jacqueli Finley
Jacqueli Finley
Jacqueli Finley
Jacqueli Finley

This is where you will need to triangulate your DNA with others claiming descent from the LOV lines.
Use the GEDMatch tools to compare multiple Kits of those who claim Lee ancestry from various lines, including myself, with your own
DNA and run the available reports to narrow down the common Lee ancestor. 
Use the GEDMatch tutorials and DNA comparison tools which are publicly available to all who register for an account.

***   ALERT   *

And wish to be involved in a DNA study using GEDMatch:
Lee DNA Project Page

We have an opportunity to start our own Lee DNA project for all lines from the

Lees of Virginia including lines with male line descent or female line descent to living descendants.
This will assist ALL Lee cousins and future generations! Many Lee descendants are getting confusing information
and non acceptance of DNA matches of descending lines from the Lees of Virginia. 
This may be happening even when DNA has been confirmed to match to documented ancestry
to Col. Richard Lee and his wife Anne Constable. 
 Over 85% of Lee descendants are being denounced, and compared to DNA Haplogroups that may be questionable,
or corrupted from a NPE within the DNA being used to compare the other descending lines.

We welcome all who wish to help make this a fair and honest Lee DNA Genealogy Project:


IT IS NOT AN ABSOLUTE  that Col. Richard Lee, The Immigrant, progenitor of the Lees of Virginia lines is


Y-DNA Haplogroup is M-253, or M-269 or any Y-DNA Haplogroup assigned to him - it is all speculative without his direct Y-DNA.



This Website is about:
The Genealogy, History, Descent and Ancestry of The Lee Family of Virginia, Finley Family History, and more.

This website is dedicated to the descendants and ancestral lineage of the Lee Family of Virginia.
Richard Lee I - the "Founding father" of the Lee Family of the Virginia Colony -
Shropshire England -  

(and some other genealogy research history that you may find interesting)


Special Note From Jacqueli:

hen I originally published this website publicly in 2005 with the ancestry of Anne Constable
on the leesofvirginia.com website - which is now leesofvirginia.org website,
Anne's lineage WAS still a mystery and most of my LOV research was controversial
but has slowly been proven correct, regardless of the humiliation, discrediting attempts, and harassment
I have encountered these past decades.  

Even in 2011 I had experienced pushback on my findings on Anne Constable's ancestry
an example is documented here: Anne Constable Discussion 2011
and to clarify why I state this now in 2019 is simple this:
I have found some individuals who have recently (since 2005) claiming ownership of 
MY research as their own as not giving myself or website proper credit.
I am aware of this happening as I have noticed my research many times of recent
as in these times I have timestamped every online post and have paper trails of all my research and email correspondence
with those I have shared and or worked closely with on personal trees.
Publicly I had started a novel about Anne's and Richard Lee of Virginia's life story over a decade ago,
as I had announced back then in 2005 - to refresh memory - and a few examples of
the research I am referring to besides Richard Lee and Anne Constable ancestry that are being used are
 'All Presidents Related' I published 2005, 'Royal lineage and Peerage' connections, 'William Lee' and 'John Lee Esquire' materal, etc.,.
I share my research freely to help others with their family research, as some of you know that I was generous to answer your inquiries 
and send you the information that I had for your research,  
And yet as the books are published or online website trees updated they have not given me credit for sharing with them 
my research,  GEDCOM or sources, etc.
 I am only asking that the right thing is done as to give credit to the researcher(s) who originate the research for the ancestor(s) 
as I try to do for those who have come before me - especially those who are now profiting monetarily from MY efforts -
thank you - Jacqueli Finley.


Now back to Lee History ...

For hundreds of years, the descendants of Col. Richard Lee's son, William Lee, have been denied their heritage- denied their birthright by historians and scholars that refuse to allow the truth to be known, referring to the descendants of William Lee and his wife Alice Felton as the "lost Lineage". Because of past speculation that was considered as truths, and opinions that were published as facts by out-dated references that have no proven documentation, as law that governs over who descends from Richard Lee and Anne Constable. The denial of the William Lee line goes on even in these times, as the internet opens new frontiers of knowledge, as Federal Census records and documentation that was previously blocked from our view are now accessible - as birth, marriage and death publications are now available-making it possible to prove the existence of this lineage and that it does live on-through the thousand of GEDCOM files available on genealogy sites worldwide-- and even though the facts are there, the denial of these proud descendants goes on ...

And the denial of descendants goes beyond William Lee, it goes on to all lines, except for those associated with Ditchley or Stratford,

which seem to be the only lines being recognized at this time because of tainted DNA projects!


American History is the foundation upon which our great Nation stands-the importance of integrity 
and substance is from which we thrive and our patriotic pride derives. 
It is what we are taught and what fills our heart and minds as we say our Pledge of Allegiance. 
And at the beginning and woven throughout the pattern of time the Lee Family of Virginia 
has been the common thread in history that has held so true …
yet the fabric has been cut, torn, sown over to hide the holes and discrepancies.

Divisiveness, instead of Unity and Accord, is what is being promoted.  
Denial of the Truth, Denial of Heritage. And THAT is just WRONG!

This website is my labor of love to my ancestors, and to all of their descendants.  
It began as a quest for the true descending lines of Col. Richard Lee, and for the acknowledgement of these lines ...

 to right the wrongs that have been done in the past, and present, of efforts to erase family members of this proud lineage.

This website is about the commitment to honor the members of the Lee Family, 
of those denied that right, yet know who they descend from Col Richard Lee.

This website is dedicated to the patriotism, courage of all our Lee family members and descendants
regardless of how unpopular that may be to some opinions...

This website is dedicated to revealing all the forgotten generations, 
giving freedom to those who know of who they are from, but not believed...

I have tried to gather as much information as I can to share with others who may be researching their own family lines and ties to these ancestors.
I welcome all contributions that may assist those who are seeking their own roots.
 Lee Descendants are just one small part of the denial and non-acceptance of Lee lineages.
My goal is to re-connect and acknowledge all Lees of Virginia lines and descendants.


And even though corrections and recognition of William Lee's marriage to Alice Felton has now been publicly acknowledged  by many...

 the lines from their children are still being denied .....

William Lee Research


William Lee, son of Richard Lee and Anne Constable, did survive and marry; having children that created direct descendants to the Lee Family of Virginia line.  
The printing of Edmund Jennings Lee's 1895 "Lees of Virginia" ... later printed a corrected version, establishing proof of the William Lee lineage existence, and other historical publications that acknowledge the marriage of William Lee, his marriage to Alice Felton, and their four children.  These historical publications can easily be found at the Library of Congress under the category of Lee Family Genealogy.

To understand the reasoning behind the controversy of the William Lee line stems from Mary Lee (Heath) daughter of William Lee and Alice Felton.

To further examine the issues of Mary Lee Heath, it is important to understand Mary Lee’s father (Capt. William Lee) died young leaving her as heiress. She inherited land from her father. However, after her remarriage to Bartholomew Schreever and the circumstances associated with it, the Lee family filed suit against Mary for the land. Two court dates later, Mary had lost her inheritance and been disowned by the Lee family. To this day the Society of Lees of Virginia will not accept her descendants as members.

See the new discussion "William Lee" on the Lees of Virginia Genealogy Forum


This is website is dedicated to the preservation of the entire genealogical historical lineage of the Lee Family tree and to share information to other researchers.


Our Lee Ancestors ...

They gave us our heritage, and it is time we show them our gratitude and recognition for who they were. They were not saints - sometimes proving their point rather strongly - but they did live with an ethic that we would do well to remember today. They worked hard - and were rewarded for that, usually. They helped one another, and as families were orphaned - took in the children, extended their families - took care of their own. They did not think for an instant if this was something the "government" should do. To them, that was unthinkable. Family and neighbors shouldered responsibility and moved on. They moved westward, ever westward - as pioneers - living and moving deeper and deeper into often hostile territory - to carve out civilization from nothing....

Our Lee Ancestors ...

They built a Nation that is the envy of everyone else who did not follow their example. They despised all who lacked self-respect. They built churches and schools as they needed them, held barn raisings and worked harvest days that ended in "courting" parties, establishing new generations.

What we do today that we should not be doing, they would have strongly discouraged. What they did do, we should still be doing.

They are an example of success in the face of disease and hardship, we have now overcome. We should and can learn from their example - perhaps we too need to be tested and purified by the fires, the tribulations, as they were - for they turned out the better from these trials...  perhaps we have become too soft, too lazy and self-indulgent. We should examine what made them great, examine what made them successful - and we should follow their examples, preferably without needing the experience of the tribulation, but through thought, morality and mental effort.

The American Patriot

We view with pride our ancestors’ names.
The blood they shed runs through our veins.
They fought to give us freedom and liberty,
These Patriots we proudly display on our trees.
The Founding Fathers of our Nation’s Pride,
They fought tyranny united, side b
y side.
Yet - how would they view us if they were alive today?
Would they accept these circumstances or would they dismay?
Or might they tell us that it is our responsibility?
To uphold and protect the Constitution they fought for
that set us free?
Or would they pick up the ax to help chip away
The foundation this Nation was built?
Leaving it to corruption and be reduced to silt?
Would they choose fortune over the future of us all?
Would they care not at this Nations fall?
I say to you, as they might say to me
“YOU, The People, are the namesakes of OUR legacy.
It is up to YOU”, they might interject!
“Wake Up Americans!
Time is growing short, but it is not over yet …
We did change the past to better this land!
And together YOU can make change again - only if, You the People, take a stand!
Be the Lion, not the sheep!
Live your lives with eyes open, not half asleep!
For only United this Nation can remain standing, and Divided you will surely Fall!
The future of the Republic depends upon YOU ALL.
For ‘Ever mindful of the Future’ must be your creed,
Remembering always ‘Don’t Thread on Me ’”!
~ Jacqueli C. Finley