Lees Of Virginia


First Generation History

Descendants of Richard Lee I

Generation No. 1

1.  RICHARD18 LEE I  (JOHN17 LEE OR LYES CLOTHIER, RICHARD16 LEE, JOHN15, HUMPHREY14, THOMAS OR DE LEA13, JOHN OR DE LEA12, JOHN OR DE LEA11, ROGER10, JOHN9, JOHN OR DE LEA8, THOMAS7, THOMAS DE LA LEA DE LEA6, JOHN DE LA LEA DE LEA5, REGINALD REYNOR DE LA LEA DE LEA4, HUGO3 DE LEGA, FULK I2 FITZWARIN, WARIN1 DE METZ) was born 22 Mar 1617/18 in Nordley Regis, Coton, Schrops, England, and died 01 Mar 1663/64 in Dividing Creek, Northumberland, Virginia, USA.  He married ANNE CONSTABLE 1641 in Jamestown, Virginia, USA, daughter of FRANCIS CONSTABLE and ALICE OWEN.  She was born 21 Feb 1620/21 in Londen, England, and died 06 Oct 1706 in Dividing Creek, Northumberland, Co, Va.

Burial: Jan 1664/65, will probate, London, , England
Christening: 1640, to, Va, from, Straford-Langston, Co Essex, England
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Christening: 21 Feb 1621/22, St. Gregory by St. Paul, London
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    i.    WILLIAM19 LEE, b. Abt. 1650, Charles City, Co, Virginia, Colony; d. Abt. 1696, 1696/1703 estate suit, King and Queen, Va; m. ALICE MRS FELTON; b. Abt. 1644, of, Richmond, Co, Va; d. Abt. 1703, St Stephen Parsh, King and Queen, Co, Va.

Christening: of, Surry, King and Queen, Co Va
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Christening: widow, Thomas, FELTON, Charles City
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    ii.    ELIZABETH BETSEY LEE, b. 1653, Virginia, Colony; d. 1693, Wicomico, Northumberland, Virginia, USA; m. LEONARD HOWSON; b. Abt. 1652, of, Virginia, Colony.

Record Change: 31 Mar 2002

Record Change: 31 Mar 2002

    iii.    RICHARD LEE, b. 1647, Paradise, Gloucester, Virginia, USA; d. 12 Mar 1713/14, Mt Pleasant, Westmoreland, Virginia, USA; m. (1) LAETITIA CORBIN; b. 1657, Stratfordshire, England; d. 06 Oct 1706, Mt Pleasant, Westmoreland, Virginia, USA; m. (2) LAETITIA CORBIN, 1674; b. 1657, Stratfordshire, England; d. 06 Oct 1706, Mt Pleasant, Westmoreland, Virginia, USA.

Christening: 1658, school at Oxford, England
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Burial: Mt Pleasant
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Burial: Mt Pleasant
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    iv.    JOHN LEE, b. 1642, , , Virginia, Colony; d. 1673, not married, no children, Virginia, Colony.

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Christening: returned to England
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    v.    FRANCIS LEE, b. 1648, , , Virginia, Colony; d. 1714, London, , , England; m. TAMAK OR TAMAR; b. Abt. 1650, of, Virginia, Colony; d. 1694, removed, to, London, England.

Record Change: 31 Mar 2002

Record Change: 31 Mar 2002

    vi.    ANNE LEE, b. 1653, twins, , Virginia, Colony; d. 1701, Westmoreland, Virginia, USA; m. THOMAS YOUELL; b. Abt. 1650, of, Virginia, Colony.

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Christening: returned to England
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    vii.    CHARLES LEE, b. 21 May 1656, Cobbs Hall, Northampton, Virginia, Colony; d. 17 Dec 1701, of, Cobbs Hill, Northampton, Va; m. ELIZABETH METSTAND MEDSTAND, 1676, Cobbs Hall, Northampton, Virginia, USA; b. Abt. 1657, dau, Thomas, Northampton, Va; d. Aft. 13 Jul 1700, Cobbs Hill, Northampton, Va.

Burial: 1701, will probate, Northampton, County, Va
Christening: Cobbs Hill, line
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    viii.    HANCOCK LEE, b. 1653, Dividing Creek, Northumberland, Virginia, USA; d. 25 May 1709, Ditchley, Northumberland, Virginia, USA; m. (1) MARY KENDALL, 1675, Northampton, Virginia, USA; b. 1651, of, Northumberland, Co, Va; d. 24 Dec 1694, Ditchley, Northumberland, Co, Va   age 33; m. (2) SARAH ALLERTON, 1696, Westmoreland, Virginia, USA; b. 1671, Westmoreland, Virginia, USA; d. 17 May 1731, Ditchley, Northumberland, Virginia, USA.

Christening: of, Ditchley, Northampton, Va
Record Change: 31 Mar 2002

Burial: Ditchley, Northumberland, Co, Va
Christening: daughter, William, Kendall
Record Change: 05 Jun 2006

Burial: mother, Fear, BREWSTER
Christening: daughter, Isaac, ALLERTON
Record Change: 31 Mar 2002
Anne Constable (21 Feb 1620/21 - 06 Oct 1706)
arrived in Jamestown in 1639 upon the same voyage as her husband Richard Lee I.  The daughter of Francis Constable and Alice Owen, was sent to the Colony of Virginia by her parents as a ward of Sir Francis Wyatt by appointment of the King.  The history of Anne's family and the reasoning behind her leaving her family estate in England can be concluded as an attempt to save her from the immediate danger of the plague that had already taken the lives of many of her siblings.  Being the eldest daughter of the Constables and that her only surviving brother at that time had to stay behind to care for the estate, her parents decided to send her away from the threat.  Shortly after her departure, her parents and brother succumb to the illness that had taken the lives of so many in Europe during this century.  During her marriage to Richard, Anne was able to send for two of her sisters to join them in Virginia.
Francis and Alice Constable were the parents of fifteen Children,four sons and eleven daughters:

1. Alice, bapt. St. Gregory by St. Paul, London 24 September 1615 [PR]

2. Sarah, bapt. St. Gregory by St. Paul 16 March 1616/7 [Pr] ~ Bishop of London license, 6 October 1646, to marry Anthony Savage - note misstatement of her age in the allegations. Francis Constable apparently signed the instrument himself. She probably died before going to Virginia but her husband went and bought 50 acres of land from (Col.)Richard Lee [Va. Patents 2:153]). She and her husband were among those who presented the will of her mother for probate 22nd. September 1647.
3. Joan, bapt. St. Gregory by St. Paul 11 September 1618 [PR].
4. Mary, bapt. St. Andrew, Enfield, Co. Middlesex 21st October 1619 [Enfield PR]. Still unmarried, she was among those who presented her mother's will for probate.
5. Elizabeth, bapt. St. Gregory by St. Paul 24 October 1620 [PR], no further record.
6. ANNE, bapt.St. Gregory by St.Paul 21 February 1621/2. She was not among those who presented her mother's will for probate but this may mean only that she was already out of the country. Gibbon stated that Anna Constable was the wife of (Col.) Richard Lee.
7. Margaret, bapt. St. Gregory by St. Paul 26 June 1623, married St. Margaret, Westminster, Robert Hunny.
8. Rachel, bapt. St. Gregory by St. Paul 24 September 1624 [PR], no further record.
9. Simon, bapt. Datchet, co. Bucks 14 August 1625, bur. St. Andrew Undershaft, London 29 November 1627. 10. Robert, bapt. St. Andrew Undershaft 24 August 1626 [PR], twin, bur.
10 September 1626 [PR].
11. Roger, bapt. St. Andrew Undershaft 24 August 1626 [PR], twin, bur. 10 September 1626 [PR].
12. Alice, bapt. St. Andrew Undershaft 16 March 1627/8 [PR], no further record.
13. Frances, bapt. St. Andrew Undershaft 5th July 1629, she was among those who presented her mother's will for probate.
14. Rachel, bapt. St. Andrew Undershaft 18 July 1630, married York County, Va. after 3 April 1651 [York co. Records 1:132] John Chew, Gent.; Richard Lee was one of her trustees in the pre-nuptial agreement. She was among those who presented her mother's will for probate.
15. Robert, bapt. St. Andrew Undershaft 2 October 1631 [PR], bur. St. Margaret, Westminster 28 August 1647.

Francis Constable died 1st. August 1647 of the plague and was buried the following day from St. Margaret, Westminster, while his widow was buried 4 August 1647. These registers are published and it should be noted that "Mr." is misread "Mrs." in his burial entry. Their only remaining son Robert was carried off by the plague the same month (buried 28 August) and it was after his death that the will of Alice Constable was filed for probate. (will of widow Alice Constable probate 22 sep 1647)
Thomas Lee (c. 1690–November 14, 1750) was a leading political figure of colonial Virginia. He was a member of the Lee family, a political dynasty which included many figures from the pre-Revolutionary War era until the late 20th century. Lee became involved in politics in 1710 and he became the resident manager of the Northern Neck Proprietary for Lady Catherine Fairfax. After his father died he inherited land in Northumberland and Charles County. Lee later acquired vast holdings in what are now Arlington, Fairfax, Fauquier, Prince William, and Loudoun Counties.

When Lee married Hannah Harrison Ludwell in 1722, he also associated himself with the already established Harrison family. A year later he would become a member of the House of Burgesses. After Lee's home was burnt down by criminals, he lost almost all of his possessions and a fair sum of money. With monetary donations he received from Caroline of Ansbach and English Commissioners, he built his new home on the Potomac River, naming it Stratford Hall. Four years later in 1733, he was appointed to the Governor's Council of the House of Burgesses. In 1747, he founded the Ohio Company of Virginia with fellow Virginian colonists who wished to expand Virginia's territory into the Ohio River Valley. For a period of less than a year, in 1749, he became the de facto Governor of Virginia in place of the absent William Gooch. George II was going to officially appoint him governor, but Lee's death in 1750 precluded the appointment.
Hannah Harrison Ludwell Lee   
  Col. Richard Lee I, “the Immigrant” (1617–1664) arrived in Jamestown in 1639 at the age of 22 with very little to his name other than the patronage of an influential man, Sir Francis Wyatt, the 1st Governor of Virginia. Once there he became Attorney General of the Colony of Virginia, Colonial Secretary of State, and member of the King's Council. He became Clerk of the Quarter Court at Jamestown, within the Secretary of State’s office. He was a loyal supporter of King Charles I of England, and his public offices ceased when Oliver Cromwell seized power in England in 1649. In addition he served as High Sheriff and was a Colonel in the Militia. He was also a tobacco planter, trader, owner and trader of slaves, and employer and importer of indentured English servants (who paid for their passage to America with 7 years of labour). At the time of his death he was the largest landholder in the colony (13,000 acres) and perhaps the richest man in Virginia.
Source: wikipedia

Col. Richard Henry Lee II, Esq. (1647-1715) was a Colonel, planter, member of the Upper House and the King's Council.

Richard Henry II, was termed "Richard the Scholar". Richard was the son of Col. Richard Lee I and Anne Constable.

Richard was born at "Paradise", in Northumberland County, Virginia, the estate he inherited from his father when he died in 1664. This estate consisted of 1,350 acres (5.5 km2), and was later part of Gloucester County. He was educated at Oxford in England and may have studied law at the London “Inns”. He seemed destined for a career in the church, but he elected rather to return to the life of a Virginia gentleman, residing at “Paradise”. In 1673, when his older brother John died unmarried, Richard inherited the estate, Machodoc. Richard left “Paradise” to overseers and removed to his new estate.

Laetitia (Corbin) Lee

Richard married Laetitia Corbin (ca. 1657-1706), daughter of Richard’s neighbor and, Councillor, Hon. Henry Corbin, Sr (1629-1676) and Alice Eatonhead Burnham(ca. 1627-1684).

Soon after his marriage, Richard was elected to the House of Burgess.  In 1676 Richard became a member of the King’s Council and he served in this capacity off and on until 1698. On one such absence in 1690 he had lost his seat because of his refusal to take the oath of allegiance to William III of England (“William of Orange”) (1650-1702). However, he was reinstated within a year. Richard was forced to retire from this position because of ill health. The Council was a body that served as the Governor’s privy council, the Upper House of the Colonial Legislature, and the Colonial Supreme Court. As early as 1680 he was Colonel of Horse in the counties of Westmoreland, Northumberland and Stafford. He was appointed by Sir Gov. Edmond Andros (1637-1714) to be “Naval Officer and Receiver of Virginia Dutys for the River Potomac”. Richard II, had one of the largest libraries in the Colony. He spent almost his whole life in study, and usually wrote his notes in Greek, Hebrew, or Latin. It was because of this that he was termed “the scholar”. Richard was a supporter of the Established Church.

Richard died March 12, 1714 at Machodoc, Westmoreland County Virginia. His will was probated on April 27, 1715. He was buried at the old Burnt House Fields, located near “Mount Pleasant”. Laetitia died on October 6, 1706 at Machodoc, and her tombstone can still be seen at “Mount Pleasant”.