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Anne Constable

Below is a list of the direct ancestors of Anne Constable, proven for the first time, an on the record lineage for Anne, wife of Richard Lee.
I am currently writing a novel about Richard Lee and Anne Constable.

When I made the above statement in 2005 "FOR THE FIRST TIME" when I originally published this page publicly with the ancestry of Anne Constable
on the leesofvirginia.com website - which is now leesofvirginia.org website,
Anne's lineage WAS still a mystery.  
Even in 2011 I had experienced pushback on my findings
an example is documented here: Anne Constable Discussion 2011
and to clarify why I state this now in 2019 is simple this:
I have found some individuals who have recently (since 2005) claiming ownership of 
MY research on Anne Constable's lineage as their own.
She is not the only example where this has happened as I have noticed my research elsewhere many times of recent.
Publicly I had started a novel about Anne's and Richard Lee of Virginia's life story over a decade ago,
as I had announced back then in 2005 - to refresh memory.
I share my research freely to help others with their family research, as some of you know that I was generous to answer your inquiries 
and send you the information that I had for your research,  
And yet as the books are published or online websites updated they never give me credit for sharing with them 
my research,  GEDCOM or sources.
 I am only asking that the right thing is done as to give credit to the researcher(s) who originate the research for the ancestor(s) 
as I try to do for those who have come before me - thank you.

Now - Back to Anne:

Why the mystery behind Anne Constable?  This woman was the wife of the man who started the lineage of the Virginia Lee Family.  This woman was the mother who gave birth to famous Americans for generations to come.  Here is an example in which as of today, the LFDA (Lee Family Digital Archives) shows so incorrectly, what the expert historians who govern over the history of Richard Lee and the Lee Family have to say about the wife of Richard Lee:

Richard Lee married Anne Constable (b. 1622), a native of London whom he met in England and who may have come to Virginia when he did. Little is known about Anne, and some have even questioned whether her surname was even Constable. However, if so, Anne was a daughter of Londoner Francis Constable who had connections with Sir John Thorowgood, one of King Charles I’s personal attendants. It is unclear whether Richard and Anne married in London or at Jamestown. When Richard died Anne was given a life-right to their home on Dividing Creek, where she is said to be buried. Anne remarried, to a Edmund Lister, and disappeared from the records. 

First off,  the records show Anne and Richard met on the voyage from England to America, she is buried next to Richard now and her death date is proven, even though she did remarry after Richard death, which was prudent of most widows of that time.  Her parentage has been proven and the fact that her parents sent Anne away to escape a certain death from the plague if she stayed, for Anne lost both her parents shortly after her departure, then later, Richard sent for the only two other remaining siblings of 9 Constable children that had been taken by the plague, after he married Anne.  The fact that Anne was sent as a ward of the King to the America's with such promineince shows her family was of uncommon origins, and that marriage of Richard and Anne did most certainly take place in Jamestown, 2 years after Richard began courting Anne, and it is because of Anne's connections, it is beleived that Richard Lee climbed the political ladder so rapidly.